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Blur Fumes

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The Indian Electro-Pop band "Blur Fumes" was formed in the year 2019, by Aditya, Srajan & Abhishek. The trio has submerged themselves in the deep waters of music for a little less than a decade.

They have thorough knowledge of Classical as well as Modern Electronic, Pop & Hip-hop music through years of practice, experience and sincere learning.

Blur Fumes has performed on innumerable stages all across the nation.

With the aim of making and releasing new music, the band transcends linguistic barriers, effortlessly shifting between languages (multi-linguistic) and genres, which is a great benefit for the band in its audience's perspective and fanbase. The members of the band are confident and active on stage with great stage presence, which results in active and interactive performance, leaving the audience with a memorable experience and complete satisfaction.

We have our songs on over 150+ music streaming services-

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our team

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our vision

The aim of the band is to create its own identity in a way that our country has never seen before. We are aiming to become the best by pushing ourselves the hardest we can, something that others could only aspire to become. We also plan to release singles, EPs and full fledged studio-albums to introduce the world with our vibe.

We have several original songs up our bucket-list in Hindi, Punjabi as well as English. We are currently covering more than 7 genres of music from which we have already covered Love Ballads, Hip Hop, Cringe Pop and Mashups as well.

We have already started working to release loads of content in the year 2023- short videos, official music videos, behind the scenes' videos & live performances.

past works

Blur Fumes have won many local band competitions and have performed at best places in the city (Including clubs, restaurants, hotels etc) as well as outside the city. 

Blur Fumes has performed excellently in pop, bollywood, punjabi, sufi, indie, Rock and Electronic genres in 3 different languages.

They hire extremely talented and skilled freelancers as playback instrumentalists to give even more lively and wholesome experience to the audience.

They went to a sponsored gig in Hyderabad last year, where they successfully captivated the hearts of the audience. They have also appeared on 91.9 fm radio.


They have performed at different venues for different audiences over the course of time.

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past works


People have made over 10000+ short videos on our songs (on Reels. Snapchat, Facebook and on other platforms)¹

Our songs have been shared on Instagram and Snapchat stories over 1,00,000+ times² 

¹  This is the total number, combining short videos from - Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight & TikTok(International)

²  This data was provided to us by our songs' distributors - DistroKid, Tunecore, Routenote & Vaaman Records

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Phone/Whatsapp Number 1:
+91 9557 2061 65

Phone/Whatsapp Number 2:
+91 7037 2050 64


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Blur Fumes

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